AAEON Releases COM-APLC6 COM Express Type 6 Module

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  AAEON Announces COM-APLC6 COM Express Type 6 Module

3. July 2018 – AAEON, a manufacturer of embedded controllers, has released the COM-APLC6, a COM Express Type 6 module

processor of the E3900 series, the COM-APLC6 is designed for modern IoT applications. The module has two SODIMM sockets that support DDR3L ECC memory. The graphics capabilities of the CPU are designed to be used in medical imaging applications. The module has three independent display outputs, including DDI, eDP / LVDS and VGA interfaces. The COM-APLC6, which has an operating temperature range of 0 o C to 60 o C, includes a Micro SD slot that provides additional, removable storage. There is also an interruptible GPIO and support for multiple USB slots and SATA slots.


Founded in 1992, AAEON is a developer and manufacturer of professional intelligent IoT solutions. AAEON offers computer platforms, including industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, rugged tablets, embedded controllers, network devices and related accessories, and integrated solutions.

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