ABB introduces a modular process automation solution

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  ABB introduces modular process automation solution

12. June 2018 – ABB introduced its new digital technology at ACHEMA, combining an orchestration layer and a module layer with the technology of module type packages (MTPs).

The new modular automation system is designed for pharmaceutical companies, biotech manufacturers, fine chemical factories and the food and beverage industry. It's the first time ABB has offered a modular automation concept solution to automate and orchestrate intelligent modules tailored to the plant's production needs. The new solution also provides seamless integration with many existing systems and reduces downtime during deployment. The result is less support and troubleshooting and improved runtime within the facility.

The module layer contains a number of intelligent modules, which are described as standardized MTP technology, each of which has different facets, including human-machine interface (HMI). Services for monitoring, history, diagnosis and archiving. Within the intelligent modules, Freelance controllers are implemented by ABB using MTP technology.

These pre-automated intelligent modules can be added, arranged and adjusted according to production requirements.

The orchestration layer is a combination of operations and monitoring control of the modules. ABB Ability System 800xA performs the process and orchestrates the intelligent modules.

The HMI functionality of System 800xA operations is enabled for the operator's effectiveness, allowing decisions to be made based on access to data. Batch management applications can be used to improve batch production. In addition, alarm management as well as capacity and secure data storage are available for processing information.

An open architecture backbone connects the orchestration layer to the module level when communicating through OPC UA. Modular Activation Eliminates Non-Standard Interfaces

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ABB is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation, and power grids serving customers in the utilities and transportation and infrastructure industries worldwide. ABB continues its more than 130-year history of innovation and operates in more than 100 countries with approximately 135,000 employees.

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