ABB launches ABB Ability TXpert Dry and TXpand transformer solutions

 ABB launches ABB Ability TXpert Dry and TXpand transformer solutions 

  ABB launches ABB Ability TXpert Dry and TXpand power transformer solutions

14. November 2018 - ABB has introduced a dry (oil-free) digital transformer called ABB Ability TXpert Dry and another product called TXpand at ABB Customer World (ACW) event in Xiamen, China.

The ABB Ability TXpert Dry has digital capabilities in ABB dry-type transformers. Transformers usually use oil for cooling and isolation. However, dry-type transformers operate without oil, with the core and coil being cooled by air and non-combustible solid insulating material. Such transformers are suitable for applications such as offshore as well as densely populated areas and sensitive ecosystems.

Intelligent sensors capture data and combine it into powerful analytics that perform key functions such as power quality monitoring, self-monitoring, and life cycle [19659003] ABB also announced the launch of its TXpand power transformer solution, which includes critical components such as the tank has a fracture-proof construction to reduce the risks associated with unpredictable failure.

The product announcements are followed by the introduction of a range of digitally integrated transformer technologies such as the TXpert distribution transformers, the ABB Ability-based digitally integrated Power Transformers and the TXplore service solution.

About ABB

ABB is a global powerhouse specializing in power grids and electrification products, industrial automation, and robotics and motion for utility, utility, and transportation & infrastructure customers. ABB has over 130 years of innovation history and operates in more than 100 countries with approximately 147,000 employees.

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