ABB releases the robot IRB 6790 Foundry Prime

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  ABB releases robot IRB 6790 Foundry Prime

25. June 2018 – ABB introduces the IRB 6790 Foundry Prime robot, which is designed for high pressure water jet cleaning applications in harsh industrial environments.

The flexibility of the IRB 6790 allows for cleaning Different part geometries in the same cell without changeover time, allowing mass customization for both OEMs and OEMs and their Tier suppliers.

The third generation Foundry Prime robot can operate in an environment that does not normally work Suitable for industrial robots with protection against heat, cleaning pressure, chemicals and dirt typically found in harsh and humid environments. It also has IP69 protection to prevent ingress of water and dust, while cleaning chemicals can reach a pH of 10. In 2005, ABB introduced the first Foundry Prime robot, which was painted orange in 2007 in the second generation, while the third generation model is unpainted and fully coated.

The IRB 6790 is available in two variants – one with 205 kg payload with 2.80 m range and one with 235 kg payload and 2.65 m range.

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