Acquicore launches a mobile app for the IoT-driven Smart Asset Management Platform

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  Acquicore launches mobile app for IoT-driven smart asset management platform

7. June 2018 -Aquicore, an IoT-driven intelligent commercial real estate asset management platform, announced the launch of its new iOS and Android mobile app for devices. The mobile app is free for Aquicore customers and helps property and engineering teams access state-of-the-art asset intelligence.

The mobile app also simplifies direct daily communication between asset managers, property managers, and civil engineers. They can receive alerts, notify their teams directly, contact customer service, and receive updated building consumption reports.

Aquicore's mobile app complements the enterprise-wide smart asset management solution. The Aquicore solution uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to compile real-time data about building equipment. The platform tracks, analyzes and forecasts key building metrics – such as energy, water, gas, air quality and more.

Key features of Aquicore's mobile app include:

  • Real-time Budget Tracking – The Mobile App allows property managers to view current performance estimates in correlation to their budgets, allowing managers to spot potential budget deviations and take corrective action.
  • Energy Optimization on the Road – Aquicore has taken the look of the website interface and applied it to something small enough to fit in a mobile device. Aquicore's priority was to create a smooth transition so that users can get up, work and optimize their buildings anytime, anywhere.
  • Communication Tools – Mobile users can create and share in-app notes with their teams Keep everyone up to date on the status of various real estate projects. The app also supports attaching photos to notes for added visual context.
  • Mobile Dashboards – Mobile dashboards provide instant access to real-time data to create variables and counters to keep stakeholders up to date. Dashboards are preconfigured to display a daily snapshot of critical status information about each building.
  • Digital Toolkit – The Aquicore app includes several building management tools that teams in the platform have become accustomed to, such as predictive energy histories, historical data and weather forecasts, to predict the building's energy needs per hour in advance predict.
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Aquicore's new mobile app can be downloaded for free and downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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