Additive Innovation introduces the Partfinder software for 3D printing

  Additive Innovation Introduces Partfinder Software for 3D Printing

10. August 2018 – Additive Innovation (AI), a software manufacturing company specializing in additive manufacturing, presents Partfinder software for 3D printing. The tool automatically searches large amounts of data in the additive manufacturing process for components that are suitable for 3D printing.

Partfinder software analyzes 3D CAD data geometrically, as well as design history, PMI, and metadata. The information thus obtained is stored in a database. Subsequently, the components are filtered according to the desired search criteria and displayed in a clear list with a 3D graphic and all relevant information. With the multiprocessor calculation, extremely large data sets for the 3D printing potential can be examined fully automatically.

The Partfinder provides technology that enables businesses to realize the potential for future-proof 3D printing in the manufacturing process.

As a certified distribution partner of HP, Additive Innovation offers bundled know-how in additive series production of plastic parts as well as Partfinder analysis as a service. AI also manufactures an extended workbench with HP printers and certified materials.

 Additive Innovation introduces the Partfinder software for 3D printing

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