ADVANCED Motion Controls announces the release of the DriveWare 7.4.2 configuration software

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  ADVANCED Motion Controls Announces Release of DriveWare 7.4.2 Configuration Software

5. July 2018 – DriveWare 7.4.2, the latest version of a free software tool for configuring ADVANCED Motion Controls DigiFlex Performance servo drives, is now available for download.

This latest version of DriveWare now includes a stepper motor configuration that allows users to configure drives to operate stepper motors in addition to servomotors previously supported. The two-phase DrivePower controller is new and the three-phase stepper controller now supports direct.
DriveWare 7.4.2 is backward compatible with older drives and project files. Older project files are automatically updated when opening with DriveWare 7.4.2. Servo drives with older firmware versions can run stepper motors after receiving a firmware update when connected to DriveWare 7.4.2. This means that an existing Digiflex Performance drive can now operate stepper motors.

Added to this was the support of DriveWare for CANopen RPDO 27 and RPDO 28 for all our DPCANIA and DPCANTA drive models. These can be used to prevent sudden overvoltages during engine startup.

The latest version of DriveWare includes the interface, looping, oscilloscope, and motion engine capabilities of previous releases. ADVANCED Motion Controls plans to continue to update DriveWare and add more functionality over time.

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