Aerotech Introduces Six-Axis XR3 Drive Rack

 Aerotech Introduces Six-Axis XR3 Drive Rack 

  Aerotech Introduces Six-Axes XR3 Drive Rack

2. November 2018 - The six-axis XR3 drive rack with field-replaceable 3U power amps supports both linear and PWM topologies. The XR3 can control any combination of brushless, DC brush, or stepper motors up to 320V DC and 30A peak current. Both the current loop and the servo loop are digitally closed to ensure positioning accuracy and rate stability. This processing capability allows the XR3 to provide loop closure rates of up to 20 kHz and perform both digital and analog I / O processing, data acquisition, process control, and encoder multiplication tasks in real time.

The standard functions include the axes per axis brake control logic, auxiliary feedback, analog I / O extension, 16 opto-isolated inputs, 16 opto-isolated outputs, up to 12 fast differential outputs, 3 external synchronization inputs (PSO input), 3 TTL or isolated PSO- Outputs, 1 opto-isolated data acquisition input and 2 STO (Safe Torque Off) inputs. The XR3 supports open loop control, standard square wave coders, analog input control and absolute encoders.

The XR3 options include three different levels of integrated encoder multiplication. Drive rack cooling, rack or slide mounting and multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) outputs for low-latency position-sensitive process control.

The XR3 contains two configurable power supply sections to support a variety of motors with different operating voltages. If only one motor voltage is required, the power supply sections are assembled for even greater performance.

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