Alibaba and RoboSense Announce G Plus Solid-State LiDAR Unmanned Logistics Vehicle

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  Alibaba and RoboSense Announce G Plus Solid State LiDAR Logistics Vehicle

31. May 2018 – Alibaba Group's Cainiao Network and RoboSense have jointly launched G Plus, an unmanned solid-state LiDAR logistics vehicle. The most important feature of the G Plus driverless cars at the Cainiao Network 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit in Hangzhou, China, is the solid-state LiDAR technology, the RS-LiDAR-M1Pre, developed by China's RoboSense. This is the first time solid-state LiDAR has been officially used in the development of an unmanned vehicle.

RoboSense has entered into a strategic partnership with Alibaba to supply delivery vehicles with solid-state LiDAR for all unmanned G Plus logistics vehicles. The vehicles can be mass-produced, enabling the development of unmanned logistics vehicles and streamlining mass-market delivery logistics to popularize vehicles. The unmanned cars and trucks can also be equipped, as needed, with various intelligent devices that transform the vehicle into a courier vehicle, a mobile pickup station, a mobile coffee shopping cart, etc. that can be used for various new retail scenarios

The unmanned delivery vehicle Cainiao Alibaba's G Plus is equipped with three RS-LiDAR-M1Pres, two at the front and one at the back, to provide a 3D perception of the driving environment. This allows unmanned delivery vehicles to see the direction of travel, including the shape, distance, azimuth, travel speed, and direction of pedestrians, cars, trucks, and other obstacles as well as the exact areas on which roads can be traveled, etc. to ensure the flow of unmanned logistics vehicles in a complex road environment.

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