Alligator Technologies introduces the linear DCP controller USBPxx-S1 / DCR

 Alligator Technologies introduces the linear DCP controller USBPxx-S1 / DCR 

  Alligator Technologies Introduces Linear DCP Controller USBPxx-S1 / DCR

11. October 2018 - Alligator Technologies, a provider of data acquisition and signal conditioning products, introduces the USBPxx-S1 / DCR linear DCP controller for use with the USBPxx -S1 product line. The product supplies power with a battery or an unregulated DC power source.

The USBPxx-S1 / DCR supports power sources from 9VDC to 30VDC and provides reverse polarity protection. The AC adapter is intended for use in airplanes, trains, trucks, cars, agricultural equipment, boats and remote locations, basically wherever only battery or DC power is available.

This product complements the USBPIA-S1 USB-controlled single-channel programmable signal conditioning amplifier and the USBPGF-S1 ™ instrumentation amplifier with low-pass filter. These established products are configurable in a variety of applications, the fully software-configurable USBPGF-S1 low-pass filter is available in a range of filter characteristics and, together with the USBPIA-S1 instrumentation amplifier, can enhance signals below 1 mV to standard ADC resolution levels. Each USBPxx-S1 has built-in intelligence to configure with changeable but non-volatile parameters at power-up, and works independently in turn-key or host-computer controlled scenarios.

The USBPxx-S1 provides the user with the ability to mix and match filter characteristics and independently select and program the coupling of each module (AC or DC), corner frequency, gain levels up to 10000 in either single-ended or differential measurements.

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