AMETEK Factory Automation Introduces Gemco 958A Compact Housing LDT

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  AMETEK Factory Automation Introduces Gemco 958A Compact Housing LDT

29. May 2018 – AMETEK Factory Automation has introduced a linear transducer in a rod-shaped housing. The Gemco 958A compact enclosure LDT is less than 1.05 cm (1.2 ") deep, making it suitable for hydraulic cylinder applications where conventional transducers do not fit.

The design allows the user to perform maintenance on the position sensor Rod is hydraulically protected but the electronics housing is accessible.

To ensure long life in demanding applications such as steel, mining or construction hydraulics, the Gemco 958A compact enclosure LDT has been designed to withstand 1,000Gs of shock Resistance and 30Gs Vibration Resistance

Magnetostrictive technology provides an absolute analog position feedback that is accurate to within 0.04% of the programmable sensing range, with programmable zero and span points and 16-bit output resolution providing position feedback, ensuring automation advanced and valuable machine n with operating pressures on the hydraulic cylinders of up to 5,000 PSI (345 bar) and peaks up to 10,000 PSI (689 bar).

The magnetic position sensor is made entirely of stainless steel. This makes the LDTs ​​suitable for use in food and etching applications. Gemco 958A Compact Housing can withstand cold water cleaning, which is commonly used in agricultural and other environments.

This latest addition to Factory Automation's LDT portfolio completes the linear displacement encoder family

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