ams announces the release of the XYZ Tri-Stimulus Color Sensor

  ams Announces Release of XYZ Color Sensor with Triple Stimulus

9. May 2018 – ams announces the release of an XYZ tri-stimulus color sensor. The AS73211 extends the existing Ams portfolio of true color sensors TCS3430 and AS7261 and addresses the needs of high-end displays, spotlights and colorimeters.

As a member of the ams JENCOLOR family of color sensors, the AS73211 offers filter-on-glass technology. It provides light and color measurements closely matched to the light perception of a human eye as defined by the CIE 1931 tri-stimulus model of human eye function.

The sensor measures colors at light levels from 0.4 lux up to 208 klux – a dynamic range of 250,000,000: 1, which allows operation in very different lighting conditions, from moonlight to bright sunshine.

The AS73211 is designed to precisely measure dark objects and materials such as black pixels on a screen. dark skin, black color or earth, even in low light conditions. The sensor's 24-bit integrated light-to-digital converter provides the ability to configure the conversion time in a range of 125 μs to 16s, allowing the user to compare the measurement speed and precision.

AS73211 Auto Power Down Mode Support for Low Power and Handheld Applications

Due to the thermal characteristics of the filter, ams can qualify the AS73211 for operation in a temperature range of -40 ° C to 125 ° C. Internal compensation based on AS73211 integrated temperature sensor readings ensures that the accuracy of color measurement is maintained throughout the operating temperature range.

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