ams issues TSL2540, TSL2541 and TSL2740 light and proximity sensors

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  ams publishes TSL2540, TSL2541 and TSL2740 Light and Proximity Sensors

28. June 2018 – ams, a provider of power sensor solutions, introduced a family of ambient light and proximity sensors. The family includes the TSL2540 and TSL2541 ambient light sensors and the combined TSL2740 ambient light and proximity sensor.

The family provides sensitivity in detecting ambient light with an intensity of a few millilux – equivalent to a clear night sky without moonlight. With their range, they work under lighting conditions that range from bright sunlight to a dark room and behind colored cover glass. The sensors allow for automatic adjustment of the backlighting of the LCD or display LEDs in response to changes in the brightness of the ambient light.

All three optical sensors are offered in a 2.0mm x 2.0mm 0.5mm QFN package. The housing of the TSL2541 is equipped with a special dark connection, which makes the device almost invisible under a colored cover glass.

The TSL2540, TSL2541 and TSL2740 models feature separate photopic ambient light and infrared light measurement channels with interferometric IR and Photopic filters directly deposited on the silicon. The photopic channel approaches the response of the human eye to light intensity under widely varying light conditions and through very dark attenuated materials.

The TSL2740 performs proximity detection by measuring reflected IR light emitted by an external LED. The programmable proximity offset adjustability compensates crosstalk from the IR LED for proximity events up to 10 cm. The TSL2540, TSL2541 and TSL2740 are now available in production volumes.

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