ams releases NanEyeM integrated micro-camera assembly (MCM)

 ams releases NanEyeM integrated micro-camera assembly (MCM) 

  ams releases NanEyeM integrated micro camera module assembly (MCM)

7. November 2018 - Ams, a sensor solutions provider, announced the pre-release version of the NanEyeM, an integrated miniature micro-camera module assembly (MCM) with a footprint at the image sensor end of 1 mm 2 . With its design and interface, the NanEyeM can be integrated into space-limited industrial and consumer concepts and offers embedded image processing capabilities in products such as smart toys and home appliances.

The NanEyeM offers a 10-bit digital display with 100 kpixel and 10-bit Single-Ended Interface Mode (SEIM) functions. Like a standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), the SEIM channel can be implemented in any host processor and provides a solution without requiring LVDS deserialization. The maximum frame rate over the SEIM interface is 58 frames / s at a clock frequency of 75 MHz.

The NanEyeM has a special multi-element lens that improves the effective resolution of the sensor. The MTF function (Modulation Transfer Function) is> 50% in the corners, the distortion <15% and the color deviation <1Px.

The slave configuration in SEIM allows for frame rate control through the host application processor, up to single frame rates per second, or even slower. Synchronization of two or more cameras can be accomplished by providing a centralized clock from the application processor.

The NanEyeM also provides an idle mode that reduces power consumption in applications such as presence detection that require only a small number of frames per image minute.

Ams will provide a reference implementation of image capture and processing capabilities on a standard core-based processor.

The NanEyeM image sensor will be available for sampling from Q2 2019.

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