ams releases the image sensors NanEyeM and NanEyeXS

 ams releases the image sensors NanEyeM and NanEyeXS 

  ams publishes NanEyeM and NanEyeXS image sensors

12. November 2018 - ams, a sensor solutions provider, announced the launch of the latest products in its NanEye family. NanEyeM and NanEyeXS can be used to prepare previously-published single-use endoscopes.

The 1 mm 2 NanEyeM offers a high-resolution 100-pixel display via a digital LVDS interface at a maximum speed of 49 fps at 62 MHz. The NanEyeM, available as a Micro Camera Module (MCM) with up to 2m cable, features a custom multi-element lens that enhances the effective resolution of the sensor and reduces distortion. Compared to the former NanEye 2D sensor, which has a single-element lens, the NanEyeM offers an improved MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) of> 50% in the corners, less distortion of <15%, and less color deviation of <1Px. 19659003] The NanEyeXS from Ams has a footprint of 0.46 mm 2 . It generates a digital output with a resolution of 40 kpixels at a maximum speed of 55 frames / s at 28 MHz. The size of the sensor offers advantages in the development of instruments for minimally invasive procedures. This allows small diameter surgical devices to be constructed or more space to be created for working channels in larger devices. Like the NanEyeM, the NanEyeXS is delivered as MCM.

The NanEyeM is also available as a surface mount chip. The NanEyeXS and NanEyeM image sensors will be available for sampling from January 2019.

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