Applied Motion Products Introduces STF Stepper Drives

  Applied Motion Products Introduces STF Stepper Drives

10. August 2018 … Applied Motion Products introduced a series of stepper drives that support a range of industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networking protocols including EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP, CANopen, Modbus and Ethernet, and RS-485 and a proprietary serial command language (SCL ) for network communication over Ethernet (UDP or TCP) and RS-485

By adopting high-level commands over a network connection, STF stepper drives are designed to give system designers and machine builders the flexibility to provide stepper motors using the network protocol of their choice control. These stepper drives combine motion control functions in the application software of the primary logic or machine controller and not in individual axes.

These DC-powered microstepper drives also execute stored programs created using the Q programming language of Applied Motion Products. Q programming offers a range of motion profiles, multitasking, mathematical functions, conditional processing, data register manipulation, and more in a text-based programming language. Operators can configure drives and create Q programs using the STF Configurator software, available as a free download from Applied Motion.

STF Stepper Drives are designed for use with a range of 2-phase stepper motors and provide current control with an anti-resonant algorithm that electronically damps engine and system resonance. Torque Ripple Smoothing Reduces Motor Noise and Vibration

Applied Motion Products offers the STF stepper drives in three power levels:

  • STF03: 12 to 48 VDC input, up to 3.0 A / phase (sinusoidal peak current) output. Lowest power of the series; for smaller motors from NEMA 8 size
  • STF06: Input from 12 to 48 VDC, up to a current output of 6.0A / phase (peak-of-sine). Average power within the series
  • STF10: 24 to 70 VDC input power, up to 10.0 A / phase (sine peak). High performance for largest stepper motors including NEMA 34 high torque frame size.
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All STF stepper drives have two communication ports (dual port) for daisy-chain connection of multiple drives to the central processor, HMI or PLC.

 Applied Motion Products Introduces STF Stepper Drives

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