Automate America launches recruitment solution for industrial automation

  Automate America Launches Recruitment Solution for Industrial Automation

16. May 2018 – A solution that helps companies solve their industrial automation jobs has hit the market.

Automation America is a community of industrial automation contract specialists and companies. With more than 8,000 professionals and nearly 900 business contacts, Automate America helps secure contract labor.

Contractors for industrial automation create professional profiles and companies publish open order applications for projects. From there, software and skilled teams help meet these work requirements with open communication and transparency. The prices are clearly indicated so that the contractors know exactly how they will be paid.

In addition, customers can openly examine applicants who either apply or are recommended on their dashboard.

The site is free and open. All work requirements are visible to everyone, as well as professional profiles. Prices are clear and concise; all the time the companies get the qualified professionals they need and these professionals deliver high quality work.

Please send us your request with full details via the following link to supply your equipment in the fields of power, instrumentation and industrial computers. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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