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  Autonomous Delivery Is Far From It All ...

By Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director, EU Automation

The logistics and supply chain sector has been flooded over the last two years with new and novel transport technologies, including drones and self-propelled trucks Convoys in the headlines. However, experts do not expect that many of these technologies will be commercially available in the next five to ten years. This article explains why suppliers can be better helped for the time being by reducing delivery times to same-day delivery.

On December 7, 2016, Amazon successfully tested its prime drone delivery system A package in just 13 minutes of click-to-delivery. The drone, which is able to launch, land and fly fully autonomously, flew at a height of 400 feet – the legal limit of the US Aviation Authority – and can carry payloads of up to 2.3 kilograms.

In One More In August 2017, the British government awarded a contract to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to test small convoys of self-propelled trucks on British roads. In these traction vehicles consisting of three vehicles, the leading vehicle is operated by a human driver. The following self-propelled vehicles will autonomously match the brake, acceleration and steering inputs of the leader. This technology allows self-propelled trucks to get much closer to the leader vehicle, reduce drag, save fuel and reduce congestion on the road.

Despite the benefits that these technologies offer, it can still be a long wait ahead. In an article for the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Otto, a company that retrofits existing trucks with self-propelled systems, says: "New car development is in an eight-year cycle and we are not waiting." The MIT lists the availability of this technology in five to ten years.

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Apart from a small proportion of companies willing to invest speculatively in the research and development phases of these new technologies, the best course of action is – and most companies, especially those that supply industrial parts to manufacturers, should focus on the same day delivery.

Food retailer Tesco and consumer goods retailer Argos have pushed the boundaries of existing modalities by offering them nationwide delivery Argos, for example, spent four years reconfiguring its supply chain to use its 700 physical warehouses.

"We've started to look at our businesses not just as a store, but as a fulfillment capability," said Bertrand Bodson, Argos's Chief Digital Officer speaking to "And to use some of the things that are very unique to us, like a single inventory that very few people in the world have."

"Most retailers know where their warehouse is, but at the pallet level it's very difficult to click and collect. Some items also move super fast, some move slowly, but you have to have them to serve customers so they have the full range. Having every single piece of stock at a given time is very valuable to us. "

While same-day retail delivery may be a useful" wish "for industry rather than a critical" need ", short lead times can avoid costly downtime, according to Business Insider, one minute of unplanned downtime can range anywhere from $ 65 Cost $ 8,881 in the data center and $ 22,000 per minute in the automotive sector.

As a supplier of obsolete industrial parts to EU Automation, we understand this problem better than most, which is why we've worked hard to Delivering extremely fast delivery times. We are able to deliver parts within nine hours anywhere in Europe also offer next day delivery anywhere in the world by using key distribution centers in Chicago, Singapore and the UK

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Autonomous Supply Systems certainly offer exciting prospects for the future t the logistics and supply chain or manufacturers should not leave this blind side of the needs of their business today. First, select a vendor that offers a same-day delivery, and keep an eye on the skies for this autonomous drone delivery.

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