AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the analogue output sensor FAC-S

 AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the analogue output sensor FAC-S 

  AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the analog output sensor FAC-S

14. November 2018-AW-LAKE COMPANY introduced the FAC-S analog output sensor, which is hard-wired with a flowmeter to provide a voltage, current, or Bluetooth connection of readings. The FAC-S is designed for use with an AW-Lake or turbine flowmeter and generates a scalable voltage or current output for download to a PLC or other control system. The sensor also supports a Bluetooth interface for remote programming and flow monitoring from a smartphone. The microprocessor-based FAC-S sensor supports process monitoring, data acquisition and signal conditioning in a variety of industries.

A Bluetooth enabled mobile app connects to the FAC-S and enables wireless setup and troubleshooting from a mobile device. Employees no longer need to go to or leave the equipment to monitor or adjust the equipment. The initial setup and programming tasks are instead performed from a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application also supports basic scaling and advanced functions so that nonlinear flowmeters can be remotely controlled to provide a linear analog output.

The analog FAC-S output sensor provides a wide input range from 0.25 Hz to 5,000 Hz with five user-selectable outputs, including 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-10 V and 2-10 V. The FAC-R is a remote version connected to flowmeters, tachometers, pumps, motors and length / encoders.

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