Bacharach releases the cost reduction calculator for the reduction of refrigerant losses

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  Bacharach releases cost-reduction calculator for reducing refrigerant losses

26. June 2018 – Bacharach, a provider of refrigerant management solutions and refrigerant leakage detection, announces the introduction of a cost reduction calculator for reducing refrigerant losses. The calculator will allow large consumers of commercial refrigerants, such as supermarkets, cold stores and food processing plants, to evaluate the cost savings that can be achieved by reducing the amount of leaking refrigerant.

In support of leak rate reduction, Bacharach offers non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor technology that enables early detection of low-level leakages and sets the industry standard at 1 ppm, while providing a fast T-90 response time of only about 6 seconds to 90 % of the maximum concentration reading. The multi-channel stationary refrigerant leak detector from Bacharach HGM-MZ uses NDIR technology and can detect more than 60 refrigerant gases. Using the same NDIR sensor technology, the Bacharach PGM-IR is a portable refrigerant leak detector that also allows the detection of low-level refrigerant leaks that can isolate leaks following detection by the HGM-MZ.

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