Balluff Announces Inductive Flat-Pack Sensors BES R01

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  Balluff Announces Inductive Flat-Pack Sensors BES R01

29. June 2018 – Balluff announces a series of Fortron inductive flatpack sensors with active sensing surface, a polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material. These BES R01 flatpack sensors are designed to combat conditions in welding environments.

Typical plastic surface materials suffer from erosion and degradation due to repeated impact of hot spatter. The closer the sensor is placed to the welding electrode, the shorter the life expectancy of the sensor. The Fortron PPS sensor surface on Balluff's Flatpack sensors effectively resists thermal breakdown in aggressive welding environments.

The enclosures have the same form factor as the standard flatpack sensors. Balluff's Fortron PPS flatpack sensors are specially designed for welding applications to help plant operators reduce downtime due to premature sensor failure

  • Fortron PPS sensor surface resists spatter injection
  • Zinc die-cast housing combats weld spatter [19659006] Silicone cable sheath protects conductor from spatter
  • LED in connector eliminates typical sensor LED burn-through
  • Welding Immunity (WFI) option for stable operation near electrical welding currents

About Balluff Inc.:

Balluff is a provider of networked IO-Link control system architectures that unlock the potential of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Balluff offers a range of intelligent IO-Link and Industrial Ethernet sensors in a variety of technologies, including inductive, photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic and magnetostrictive linear position sensors, magnetic tape linear encoders, industrial RFID systems and industrial image processing systems.

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