Balluff Introduces Proximity Sensors BES05N6

 Balluff Introduces Proximity Sensors BES05N6 

  Balluff Introduces Proximity Sensors BES05N6

15. November 2018 - The balluff family of Proximity Sensors has been designed and tested to provide non-contact object detection at ambient temperatures up to 230 ° C / 446 ° F. This level of protection is required for hot stamping, glassmaking, steel and aluminum production, steel forging, steam curing and other high temperature processes.

Two main features make it possible for these sensors to withstand extreme temperatures: First, the face Each sensor is made of a heat-resistant LCP material (Liquid Crystal Polymer). Second, the sensor head contains only the passive, non-electronic components of the device that are less prone to heat. The electronic amplifier part of the sensor is located at the other end of the 5 meter connecting cable. The heat-resistant PTFE cable jacket and insulation are specified to withstand the same temperature as the sensor head.

Sensors with electronics installed in the sensor head normally exceed 70 ° C / 158 ° F. When a kitchen is hotter, high-temperature sensors are designed to counter malfunctions, downtime, and machine downtime that commonly occurs when the sensor electronics exceed their rated limits.

This group is available in the M8, M18, M30 tube housings with an integrated 5 meter amplifier connection cable and in block form with a detachable 10 meter / 33 foot amplifier connection cable (sold separately).

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