Balluff introduces the photoelectric sensor BOS 21M ADCAP

  Balluff introduces photoelectric sensor BOS 21M ADCAP

8. August 2018 – Generating, transporting, and processing information are key tasks in the Industry 4.0 environment. All information is based on intelligent sensors that provide the required input. With the BOS 21M ADCAP shows a multifunction optical sensor, the BOS 21M series.

The all-rounder uses red light and can choose between four sensor modes: background suppression, energetic diffuse, retroreflective or one-way light barrier. All sensor functions can be configured with the system running via IO-Link, so that decentralized teach-in can be triggered by the controller.

In addition, the sensor detects current operating conditions, collects and processes information and provides far more data than just the switching signal via IO-Link. Detection signals are processed and preprocessed in the sensor

Intelligent diagnostic functions provide important information such as life expectancy, operating hours and functional reserve. Greater contamination, sensor malpositions, adjustment errors or other irregularities can then be detected early by monitoring the emissivity values ​​as a measure of the sensor signal quality. But when the BOS 21M ADCAP visually monitors the output of the emitter LED and determines the "stress level" via the internal sensor temperature and the supply voltage,

 Balluff introduces the photoelectric sensor BOS 21M ADCAP

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