Beckhoff Automation announces the Gigabit communication technology EtherCAT G.

 Beckhoff Automation announces the Gigabit communication technology EtherCAT G. 

  Beckhoff Automation announces EtherCAT G-Gigabit communication technology

29. November 2018 - Beckhoff Automation announces EtherCAT G-Gigabit communication technology, which offers Gigabit Ethernet speeds to support data-intensive applications. The latest industrial Ethernet technology extension is compatible with the globally established 100 Mbps EtherCAT standard. The branch model for EtherCAT G also enables the parallel operation of multiple network segments.

EtherCAT G supports standard Ethernet transmission rates of 1 Gbit / s. The transmission rates that exceed the 100 Mbit / s standard provided by EtherCAT should increase the possible data throughput. EtherCAT G can increase the performance of device delay as a limiting factor on the one hand and the branch model on the other, but also increase performance, depending on the application.

Completely compatible with the world-wide established EtherCAT standard EtherCAT G offers the same functions, including integrated diagnostics, high-precision synchronization and telegram processing during operation. It also complies with the Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3.

EtherCAT G has been specifically designed to handle large-scale applications and the increased use of data-intensive devices such as image processing cameras, complex motion control systems and gauges to handle high sampling rates.

EtherCAT and EtherCAT G can be combined in a heterogeneous network. This means that EtherCAT G slaves can be operated in a 100 Mbit / s EtherCAT network and vice versa. In both cases, the EtherCAT G device drops to the rate of 100 Mbps. However, with the EtherCAT G-branching model, EtherCAT branches can be set up to allow parallel operation of 100 Mbps segments within a 1 Gbps network by converting transmission rates. For example, the upcoming EK1400 EtherCAT-G coupler can create a branch that lowers the data rate from 1 Gbps to 100 Mbps, which makes the range of standard EtherCAT Terminals for use as I / Os in an EtherCAT G Network is available. Based on the capabilities of the EK1400 Branch Controller, the 1 Gbps data rate on the EtherCAT G trunk remains untouched.

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