Bentley Systems Introduces iTwin Services Digital Cloud Offering

 Bentley Systems Introduces iTwin Services Digital Cloud Offering 

  Bentley Systems Introduces iTwin Services Digital Cloud Offering

18. October 2018 - Bentley Systems, a provider of software solutions for the design, construction and operation of infrastructure, announced the upcoming availability of iTwin Services' digital twin cloud services for infrastructure projects (Digital Twins Project) and assets (Digital Twins Performance). iTwin Services can be deployed in Bentley's Connected Data Environment (CDE) for ProjectWise and AssetWise users.

To be worthwhile, potential digital twins must reliably synchronize both the physical reality of an asset and its "virtuality" to the existing infrastructure. (Technical Data) A digital twin can fulfill this requirement by understanding the digital context ( representing the physical) and bringing together the digital components (representing the virtual) geospatially, which of course results in an immersive environment for the visualization and visibility of the analysis.

So far, however, the evolving physical 3D reality has been difficult Meanwhile, related, operated technical information tends to be unavailable or, at best, dated, such as typically a compilation of actually inaccessible "dark data" either in opaque technical files or in unintelligent ned document formats. Bentley seeks to address these two challenges by combining its reality modeling, iModelHub, CDE, and Web Visibility technologies.

A representation of the physical reality of an infrastructure asset can now be captured and maintained by increasingly continuous surveys and Bentley's reality modeling software, which provides a digital context in the form of "reality meshes". Overlapping photos and supplemental laser scans, mostly from drones and ground-level images (if needed), are processed to produce spatially-classified and engineered realities of any accuracy, within which each digital component can be automatically detected and / or georeferenced. The reality network may provide a visual "twin" to navigate for searching, displaying, and querying the related information within or relating to the digital design models of the asset.

After being filled and synchronized via digital context and digital components, iTwin Services will benefit from Bentley's (separately announced) open source iModel.js ( library for web-based visualization. Infrastructure teams can easily develop custom applications that connect their digital twin for specific use cases, using an open-source ecosystem. In addition, Bentley's new OpenCities Planner services now also provide an urban twinned digital twins environment.

ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Bentley CDE users can instantiate cloud-provisioned iTwin services for each project without disrupting their existing ProjectWise workflows. iModelHub then creates and maintains the iModel of the project: a distributed database whose current change ledger is updated every delivery-in-progress check-in status. For any such updating of engineering information, application specific "information bridge" processing effects digital alignment of the iModel's digital components.

As part of the physical page reality modeling available, the corresponding ContextShare service of the CDE retains the updated digital context. The iModel's digital components and ContextShare's digital context are merged through Navigator Web and iModel.js visualization, as authorized and secured by iModelHub.

Accordingly, iTwin Services enables the continuous availability of project status reports that are synchronized with any desired project status. IModel Change Ledger Timeline and / or for visualization and analysis visibility into changes between project timeline status. iTwin Services will also integrate Bentley SYNCHRO 4D design modeling.

iTwin Services for Project Digital Twins will be available in early 2019, with quarterly basic subscription fees for each iTwin based on its scale, digital components and context, and cloud provisioning and web accessibility.

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