BISTel introduces Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) trace analysis solution

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  BISTel Introduces Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) Track Analysis Solution

19. June 2018 – BISTel, a provider of real-time data management, analysis and forecasting solutions for intelligent manufacturing, announced its first adaptive A.I. based applications to enable the Smart Connected Factory or Industry 4.0. The BISTel Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) solution provides customers with sensor trace data analysis for fault detection.

BISTel's Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) system provides trace analysis. DFD creates tracking references dynamically and does not rely on the traditional tax restriction methods used by FDC. It eliminates manual modeling. DFD also uses smarter algorithms to distinguish between real and false alarms.

Sensor trace data provides a wealth of information that helps manufacturers identify yield problems, including changes in ramp rate, peak, glitch, shift, and drift. BISTel's online DFD system provides manufacturers with real-time monitoring and detection of complete sensor trace data. Customers can now recognize and analyze revenue events and solve return problems. DFD® also integrates S with older FDC systems.

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