Bodine Electric introduces planetary geared motor 22B4-60P

  Bodine Electric introduces planetary geared motor 22B4-60P

3. August 2018 – Bodine Electric Company introduces planetary geared motor 22B4-60P. This integrated geared motor combines the Bodine brushless DC motor type 22B with the 60P (60mm) planetary gearbox. It is designed for applications where torque is required and where a low backlash gear is not required. Typical applications include conveyor belts, pumps, packaging, industrial automation and a range of solar or battery powered devices.

The Bodine 22B brushless DC motor enables low electromagnetic interference (EMI) operation. It is encoder compatible with the optional screw-in encoder shaft kit. Series / series models with factory-installed cover above the shaft opening. Terminated Flying Leads provide plug-in operation with BLDC controllers for Bodine chassis. The environmental protection is rated IP-44. The commutation angle is 120 °.

The 60P transmission has a rated torque of up to 266 Nm (226 lb-in) and can be mounted in any orientation. The gearbox is lubricated with grease and has needle-bearing hardened steel gears. The standard clearance of this transmission is less than one degree.

The first product launch includes 16 standard models with ratios from 4: 1 to 162: 1. These bearing models are available with 130V and 24V windings. The rated torque is between 1.3 Nm (1.3 Nm) and 26 Nm (226 lb-in). Bearing models are available with either US / inch or metric driveshaft and mounting details.

Model 3919 BLDC Speed ​​Control has been designed to power 22B-60P and 24VDC planetary gearmotors. This BLDC controller has an input voltage range of 24-35 VDC. Control functions include dynamic braking, direction and release. The speed can be controlled by an external potentiometer (included), the onboard potentiometer for the MAX speed setting or an analog input signal of 0-5 VDC. User adjustable pots control speed settings, torque limit, acceleration time. A 12-pulse / revolution tach output provides an indication of engine speed.

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 Bodine Electric introduces planetary geared motor 22B4-60P

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