Bodine Electric introduces PMDC geared motors with SCR rating

 Bodine Electric introduces PMDC geared motors with SCR rating 

  Bodine Electric introduces SCR-equipped PMDC geared motors

10. October 2018 - To provide flexibility and compatibility with unfiltered SCR controls, Bodine Electric Company offers a range of 90V and 180VDC geared motors with a maximum rated armature speed of 2500 RPM. These gearmotors are designed for "hybrid" applications that do not conform to the industry standard 90V, 1725rpm unfiltered speed controller, or Bodine's typical voltage and speed for filtered 130V DC speed control. These Bodine bearing models can replace 90V or 180VDC geared motors sold by Baldor, Bison Gear, Leeson or Grainger.

The first product launch includes 70 standard / production models featuring four of the most popular Bodine transmission designs.

Bodine SCR PMDC geared motors provide starting torque, adjustable speed and predictable speed / torque characteristics. All have insulation class F TENV. The Bodine 24A-Z Geared Motor has an unloaded gearbox housing and all-steel gearboxes that are permanently lubricated for maximum durability and performance. It delivers up to 120 lb-in. Rated torque. The speed ranges from 14-417 rpm, depending on the gear ratio.

The parallel shaft geared motor type 33A-WX is built with all steel spur gears that meet or exceed the AGMA 9 standards. It delivers up to 205 lb-in. Rated torque with speeds from 8.0 to 658 rpm, depending on the gear ratio. Type 42A-FX is the largest of the three parallel shaft geared motors. Like the 33A-WX, it has hardened steel gears. It delivers up to 350 lb-in. Rated torque and speeds of 8.3-500 rpm. The hollow shaft geared motor type 33A-5L / H is directly connected to the driven load and offers versatile, universal mounting options. It delivers up to 89 lb-in. Rated torque at speeds from 33 to 500 rpm, depending on gearbox ratio

The SCR geared motors and their corresponding controls and accessories kits are available from Bodine's extensive dealer network or from the Bodine website. Customized designs are available to qualified OEMs. Typical OEM modifications include factory-installed encoders or brakes, custom wiring harnesses, and custom mounting and shaft details.

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