CAMI Research Publishes M4 Low Voltage Continuity Testers with Twist Pair Relationship Test

  CAMI Research Publishes M4 Low Voltage Continuity Tester with Twist Pair Relationship Test

11. July 2018 – CAMI Research The CableEye automation cable system manufacturer has developed this ability to verify and measure twist-pair relationships in cables as short as six feet. This feature is now standard on the Model M4 low-voltage continuity tester and available as an option on HiPot tester (HVX series). The same circuit allows the measurement of cable length, length to break, capacitance and resistance with precision (4-wire).

As a developer of PC-based cable and wiring harnesses, test systems, CAMI offers the CableEye product family complete with accessories – including plug-in cards. When using pre-engineered boards, the tester GUI will automatically display a graph of the ports and cables being tested. The tester can be easily programmed to do the same for custom boards and fixtures. These boards are compatible with all CableEye testers. Five cards in the CAMI library currently have Ethernet jacks where twisted pair cables can be used: CB1, CB15 and CB18, CB18A and CB18C

With a single click, the schematic can be switched to a customizable netlist view can be adjusted to display wiring colors (see photo). In both views, a large PASS / FAIL indicator is clearly visible. When checking twist-pair relationships, a PASS indicator indicates that the wire resistances are equal to the threshold AND that the wires are paired correctly. If a capacity value has been entered in the comparison data, the values ​​specified in the test data are within the capacity tolerance set in the Tester tab.

Twist-pair relationships can be checked this way in cables up to six feet in length. The same circuitry allows the measurement of cable lengths greater than six feet, distances interrupted at a distance of at least six feet, and polarized and unpolarized capacitors. Capacitance measurements collected on the coils and cables during the twist-pair test are automatically stored and can be used to verify roll-to-roll and cable-to-tow consistency and quality. All connection measurements are logged for logging and analysis.

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 CAMI Research Publishes M4 Low Voltage Continuity Testers with Twist Pair Relationship Test

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