Company expands offer through IoT partnership

Adroit Technologies, the developer and provider of industrial automation software, has expanded its offering by partnering with the Internet service provider (IoT) SqwidNet.
Adroit Technologies MD Dave Wibberley says the global industrial automation industry is robust and growing fast. While the South African industry admittedly lags behind in terms of automation, the company identified IoT as a growing local market, which led to Adroit signing a partnership agreement with SqwidNet last September.
"The partnership provides industrial users and Internet of Things (IIoT) application vendors with the opportunity to leverage our cloud-based monitoring and data capture system (Scada) and industrial automation platforms."
Wibberley says partnership allows Adroit to certify its Scada system as an IoT platform. Once certified as a platform, partners and end users around the world can purchase Adroit and seamlessly use it as a data capture and application layer software solution for IoT projects.
"The new platform will enable data from sensors and devices to be delivered to the Adroit-hosted platform via SqwidNet's IoT network of the global communications solution Sigfox," he says.
SqwidNet is an ideal partner as it offers a network model that provides Adroit products a cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure network solution. With SqwidNet as a network provider, the typical connectivity of Adroit R200 per year costs a sensor that transmits data every 15 minutes. Wibberley says Adroit can now offer sensors with less than R1,000 connectivity at any point of connectivity due to these key benefits in the network.
He also notes that Sqwidnet's extensive existing partners, such as its partnership with the global manufacturer and supplier of smart metering solutions, Lesira Manufacturing, enable a comprehensive network of existing, supported IoT sensors. SqwidNet's IoT host, Sigfox, confirms that there are currently 2.5 million objects connected to the network worldwide, a figure that Sigfox continues to grow.
The IoT network enables the transfer of small data packets in near real time to Adroit's Scada system for storage and analysis. Wibberley explains that the key is to find standard sensors that enable Adroit to help users successfully monitor and analyze data, enabling the industry to monitor, control and further optimize their production ,
"Adroit can meet virtually any IIoT requirement, as its Geographic Information System (GIS) interface and object model can support context-based GIS and location-based performance."
Wibberley also notes that this is now possible for Adroit customers to monitor in real-time the location of mobile assets in the field, locate personnel and integrate that information into the plant's Scada system.
Due to the recent partnership, Adroit's Scada system now offers industry-class data acquisition and user-friendly development software that enables easy development of customized IoT solutions. Adroit encourages businesses to leverage cloud-based reporting, alarm management, asset management and performance management solutions.

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