CONTA-CLIP introduces the cable entry system KDS-FB

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  CONTA-CLIP introduces cable entry system KDS-FB

6. July 2018 – With the introduction of the cable entry system KDS-FB for ribbon cables, CONTA-CLIP extends its cable management program KDSClick

First The one-piece frame is screwed onto the opening from outside the housing or distribution box. Next, the cables are pushed through the cable openings of the sealing elements, which are then inserted from the inside into the frame slots. TPE gaskets are cast directly into the frames to provide IP66 protection. Sealing elements with gills outside and in the cable openings ensure a tight fit and protection against penetration. CONTA-CLIP offers KDS-FB in four frame widths and with different subdivisions for flat and round cables. Sealing elements are available for all common industrial cable sizes. The manufacturer has realized a sealing element for the smallest cable size by sealing with a membrane. It can therefore also be used as blind plug. With KDS-FB, manufacturers can pre-configure machine cabinets or cabinets for later wiring without requiring detailed knowledge of specific end-user requirements.

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