COPA-DATA announces the BACnet certification for the zenon automation software

  COPA-DATA Announces BACnet Certification for Automation Software from zenon

25. July 2018 – BACnet Testing Laboratories, BTL for short, have confirmed that the automation software zenon by COPA-DATA meets the criteria of the BACnet standard. Joining the international list of standards and obtaining the BTL certificate confirms the reliable communication between zenon and other systems and devices of building automation.

Each building is equipped with technology that fulfills a variety of tasks. The spectrum ranges from heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary facilities to lighting management, elevator monitoring, energy management or access control. To ensure that the different technologies can share data, they must speak the same language. BACnet, the international communication protocol, is mainly used for building automation networks. To ensure communication in zenon projects in the field of building automation, COPA-DATA developed the native BACnetNG driver about ten years ago.

The international BTL listing confirms that zenon 8.00 conforms to the BACnet Operator Workstation Profile or B-OWS profile, in short, by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) / ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning) Engineers) Standard 135-2012. To meet one of the three user interface profiles, products must meet certain criteria, such as: Eg setting values. Based on a profile, traders can classify the capabilities of a system or device in the BACnet environment.

 COPA-DATA announces the BACnet certification for the zenon automation software

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