DoL instructs committee to ensure that practitioners are certified

The Department of Labor (DoL) has commissioned the South African Gas Qualification and Certification Committee to ensure that all gas professionals are trained and certified by the four different gas associations.

These associations are the Association for Liquefied Petroleum Gases of South Africa, the Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association, the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (Saracca) and the South African Gas Association

An important role in ensuring compliance Safety regulations in their specific gas markets and industries.

He points out that end-users must be aware that only a registered doctor can issue a Certificate of Conformity (COC). This legal document must be obtained whenever a gas system or appliance is installed, modified or repaired and should be stored for future reference. Issuing a COC for an installation proves that the installation is safe and compliant.

"Users need to be aware that DoL inspectors, if they are officially visiting their work sites, are expected to submit a valid COC." Only a registered gas specialist can issue a COC for each installed air conditioner, refrigeration system or gas unit " Richardson adds,

He also adds that if gas appliances are installed in a home, homeowners are required by law to use a certified gas practitioner and a COC must be given as soon as the work is completed This would also require a fixed installation of air conditioners and / or gas lines, appliances and appliances.

"Similar to homeowners, farmers would have to request a COC from a registered gas expert. "Liability for any damage or breach of security would then fall on the business owner, not on the insurance company," Richardson explains.

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concludes that business owners can not claim compensation or benefits for employees who are injured or for the loss of life of gas equipment that does not have COCs.

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