Electro-Chemical Devices Announces S80-T80 Cyanide Analyzer Monitoring System

  Electro-Chemical Devices Announces S80-T80 Cyanide Analyzer Monitoring System

1. August 2018 – Electro-Chemical Devices announced the S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system to ensure that cyanide concentrations in wastewater effluents are locally compatible (19659003) Cyanide (CN) in its diverse forms is toxic and is used by a variety of industries used. For example, CN is used in the production of nylon and plastics. Other fields of application include case hardening of steel, metal plating, the separation of gold and silver from ores and the cleaning of chimney gases from blast furnaces.
The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR) of U.S. Pat. EPAs are legally enforceable primary standards and treatment techniques that apply to public water systems. These regulations limit the level of CN (free CN) impurities in drinking water to 0.2 mg / L, which is the maximum impurity level target (MCLG)

The ECD S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system features a S80 Pion cyanide sensor and two-channel T80 transmitter. This ECD-CN analyzer solution helps the plants maintain a cyanide removal water treatment system that ensures that the wastewater is treated prior to wastewater disposal.

The CN ion electrode of the S80 is a combination electrode with silver cyanide / silver sulfide (AgCN / AgS) solid state compact crystal sensing element and a double junction reference electrode. The CN-ion-selective electrode cartridge develops a millivolt potential proportional to the concentration of free CN ions in the measured solution. The typical output power is 54 mV to 60 mV per decade of concentration change.

The speed of the sensor reaction varies from a few seconds in concentrated solutions to a few minutes in the lower ppm ranges. The CN ion sensors are used with the Transmitter Model T80 with its two-channel mix-and-match functions. This analyzer measures CN from 0.2ppm to 260ppm and automatically displays between the ppb and ppm scales.

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The S80 sensors are shipped in 0.75 inch MNPT submersible or insert packs. Press fitting available as process connection. This design uses a variable insertion length to allow installation in pipe tees, flow cells or through tank walls. The retractable configuration features a 1-inch MNPT ball valve, a 1-by-0.75-inch reducer, and a 0.75-inch MNPT process fitting compression fitting.

The S80 CN sensor was developed for use with the Universal Transmitter T80, a single-channel instrument designed to continuously measure multiple parameters in an industrial environment. It communicates with each pre-calibrated S80 sensor and automatically configures the sender's menus and display screens with the measured parameters. The automatic configuration of the T80 for one of the available sensor measurements eliminates the need to inventory multiple device types.

The T80 Universal Transmitter features membrane switch navigation, a menu structure with softkey menu options, and a 2.75 x 1.5-inch LCD display. It is available with 4-20 mA output with MODBUS RTU on 24 VDC and 110/220 VAC instruments. The T80 transmitter can also be configured with optional HART® 7 communication and an optional triple alarm relay.

 Electro-Chemical Devices Announces S80-T80 Cyanide Analyzer Monitoring System

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