Emerging market with the latest energy technologies to improve competitiveness

With the emergence of new energy generation, storage and management technologies, companies in developing countries are taking advantage of new integrated microgrid systems to improve efficiency and lower costs, says ABB, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Chunyuan Gu .

The use of integrated renewable energy systems creates a new demand for and consumption of electricity, which also changes the way electricity is consumed in businesses and industries.

"Renewable energy sources and new energy mixes are increasingly recognized as economically viable and microgrids can deliver affordable and reliable power in areas where there are no utility companies or supply unreliable power."

In addition, these are integrated and often automated power grids also used to make electricity available to historically scarce regions. In Africa, modern mixed power systems of industries and mines are often deployed in remote locations.

"New electricity designs and capacities also allow for better use and processing of natural resources in countries by ensuring the availability and affordability of mixing plants. Energy grids allow for better local treatment."

Especially in Africa, companies use renewable energy systems and energy advanced industrial energy management systems to reduce the cost of electricity consumption, in particular the cost of operating diesel generators as an emergency power source, says Gu.

"The way people and businesses add value is changing with the introduction of digital industrial technologies, and while manufacturing execution systems and analytics are well established and mature in the industry, the combination of huge amounts of data and direct links with suppliers and create tremendous value for customers and be added quickly, "he notes.

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Industries and countries are striving to improve their technological framework. The fourth industrial revolution, driven by the increasing integration of digital technologies inside and outside the factory, is equally relevant in developed and emerging markets, Gu says.

Especially in Africa, the combination of natural resources, accessible labor, and more energy available can be harnessed to spur industry, but only when industries, processes, and manufacturing production can become more efficient. This can increase the value of products that can be produced, and companies and regions can shift up the value chain and gain a better share of the profits.

"Utilizing new industrial and energy technologies, commodity-rich countries can reduce reliance on exports of raw and semi-finished goods, increase their ability to value products in their economies, and higher-value goods and materials for export or replacement

However, the main obstacle is the change in skill requirements and no physical or technical barriers that hinder the transition to new technologies. As part of this trend, most industrial companies are also aware of the need to re-educate key employees and already have continuous skills development programs to ensure that their employees can effectively use and manage the new technologies.

The innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution continue to shape industry, companies around the world, including emerging markets, are taking advantage of new industrial and energy systems and approaches that are more efficient and provide greater control over inputs and resources, concludes Gu [19659013]

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