Emerson Announces Roxar RMS 11 Depository Characterization Software

  Emerson Announces Roxar RMS 11 Deposit Characterization Software

23. July 2018 – Emerson launched Roxar RMS 11, the latest version of its deposit characterization software. The software includes a range of tools for interactive reservoir modeling, facies modeling, and unified tools for channeled reservoirs and region definition.

The suite also features new plug-in technology that ensures RMS 11 for future web and cloud-enabled workflows.

Key features of Roxar RMS 11 include:

  • A graphical user interface for facies modeling of channeled reservoirs and smarter algorithms. RMS 11 also includes tools for controlling the volume fractions in the modeling of facies in facies associations.
  • Uniform and integrated concepts for describing and defining regions, geometries and attributes in structural and grid models. Users can use a combination of region geometries and attributes in modeling, such as map generation, volumetry, and creating flow models.
  • A technology plug-in that extends the functionality of RMS 11 and positions it for future web and cloud-ready workflows; Enhancements to the Roxar Application Programming Interface (API) that allows operators to integrate their own intellectual property into reservoir modeling workflows; Extensions for Petrel I / O tools; and features to improve data transfer between Roxar RMS and flow simulators.

Emerson's Roxar RMS reservoir modeling software is a geoscientific and reservoir engineering platform for seismic interpretation, borehole log interpretation and correlation, mapping, geomodelling, gridding and flow simulation. The software enables operators to integrate their data in one place and capture and disseminate uncertainties in their workflows.

 Emerson Announces Roxar RMS 11 Depository Characterization Software

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