Emerson Introduces Branson UWS40 Ultrasonic Splicer

  Emerson Introduces Ultrasonic Splicer Branson UWS40

12. July 2018 – Emerson has introduced the Branson UWS40 ultrasonic splicer to meet the growing global demand for wire harnesses that provide electrical and metallurgical performance over crimp, solder or resistance weld joints. It has been designed to produce wire harnesses for the automotive, agricultural, appliance, recreational, heavy transport, and other industrial segments

The Branson UWS40 Splicer is designed for productivity, whether used as a portable unit on a harness mounting plate or on a tabletop. The splicer connects copper wires of up to 40 mm² in either in-line or pigtail configurations and can be used for wire bonding of stranded wire.

The Branson UWS40 consists of three components – an actuator, a controller / power supply, and a 22-inch touchscreen interface for navigating the HMI. The touch screen and HMI allow the operator to program and select various welding modes, to design and store recall, sequence and cable recipes, or to develop and configure customized quality control solutions. Recipes can be retrieved with an optional barcode scanner for quick and easy changes. The UWS40 automatically calibrates itself at startup and stays in standby mode when it is not actively used. The patented anti-side splice technology assures maximum production by ensuring that the wires maintain proper vertical stacking and alignment throughout the splicing process.

The Branson UWS40 Actuator and Controller monitor and log data for each weld in real time. The UWS40 controller also performs statistical analysis to track welding performance trends. To share this data, the UWS40 provides connectivity to information networks and interfaces to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). It can also be connected to downstream production equipment, such as heat shrink tubing systems.

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In addition, the UWS40 controller monitors all critical splice parameters such as time, power, height, and height for each splice, and displays it in real time that the current splice has met all parameters. These indications appear on the HMI or visually through color-coded LED status indicators for the operator reference. The UWS40 actuator also features an inline cutting module that automatically disables suspicious wire combinations to prevent them from entering the downstream manufacturing process.

 Emerson Introduces Branson UWS40 Ultrasonic Splicer

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