Emerson Releases New Thermowell Design

Global technology and engineering firm Emerson has unveiled the Rosemount Twisted Square Thermowell range, a solution that reduces dynamic stresses, simplifies process calculations, and enables more accurate temperature measurements.

This new Thermowell design is designed to address these issues with high production requirements, higher productivity, and high product quality

Twisted square thermowells improve reliability and reduce the risk of fatigue failure as they increase the dynamic loads can be damped by oscillating vortex pressures. These dynamic stresses can lead to vortex-induced vibration (VIV), which is the main source of power failure in the thermowell.

The new design reduces VIV by more than 90%. This helps to simplify process calculations by eliminating the need to dimension thermowells to reduce dynamic and frequency limits, save design time, and reduce costs without requiring design changes

It is ideal for use where conventional thermowells are used 19.35 Thermowell (ASME PTC 19.3 TW) standard for safe and reliable thermowell design

Twisted Square thermowells solve these challenges at a time when manufacturers rely more on applications where thermowells can withstand harsh or changing processes

Conventional thermowells are usually shortened and / or the outside diameter increased to avoid VIV. These changes may result in reduced accuracy and / or slower response times for the measurement point. The dimensional adjustments recommended by the ASME PTC 19.3 TW calculations are often acceptable to obtain a suitable measurement point, but in some cases they may affect temperature accuracy and therefore be difficult to implement.

"We wanted to offer a solution that would allow our customers more options for thermowells when faced with process design issues," says Emerson Senior Lead Engineer Jack Reuvers

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He notes that changes, which occur during the late stages of projects that can delay commissioning and increase the cost and burden considerably.

"Twisted Square Thermowells not only offer more options, but can also save design costs while enabling high accuracy temperature measurements with a secure, rugged design," he concludes


 Emerson Releases New Thermowell Design

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