Endress + Hauser Introduces Memosens CCS50D Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

  Endress + Hauser Introduces Memosens CCS50D Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

24. July 2018 – Systematic disinfection is an essential step in water treatment and is required by law in many areas to protect people and equipment from disease or damage. However, high doses of disinfectants such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide can be toxic, so adherence to the limits for these disinfectants is also very important. Endress + Hauser has developed the Memosens CCS50D chlorine dioxide sensor for safe and efficient disinfection through stable readings.

The chlorine dioxide sensor features a convex membrane made of a dense, dirt-repellent material that prevents soiling and makes it resistant to biofouling. The ultrasonic welding of the membrane to the sensor cap ensures its integrity and prevents dilution of the electrolyte

Memosens CCS50D is capable of performing disinfection measurements at low flow rates. For example, in combination with the Flowfit CCA151 assembly, the required flow rate is only 5 l / h, which means that only a minimum amount of bypass water is used and the required disposal capacities are reduced

Use many skids in the food and beverage industry Chlorine dioxide for disinfection. These skids provide only small amounts of sample for the dosing control. Thanks to its special membrane design, Memosens CCS50D also supports the precise metering of chlorine dioxide in these skids

The chlorine dioxide sensor is equipped with the proven Memosens technology from Endress + Hauser. Memosens enables the direct commissioning of new sensors without further calibration. During operation, plant operators can pre-calibrate sensors in the laboratory, store them in the process via Plug & Play and continue to measure them.

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Chlorine dioxide is becoming more and more a disinfectant of choice because its handling has become a disinfectant now easier. Today, chlorine dioxide is available as a ready-to-use solution that does not require manual mixing or the use of chemical generators. Memosens CCS50D supports this trend. It helps plant managers to comply with strict disinfection regulations, be it in drinking water treatment, in cooling systems, in washing water for packaged vegetables and salads, in beverage production or in desalination plants

 Endress + Hauser Introduces Memosens CCS50D Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

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