EPLAN announces EPLAN Cogineer Advanced Version 2.8

  EPLAN announces EPLAN Cogineer Advanced Version 2.8

24. May 2018 – EPLAN Software and Services announces its latest version of its EPLAN Cogineer platform: EPLAN Cogineer Advanced. The solution provider will offer its automation software through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The two functional areas Designer and Project Builder will only be usable as cloud-based solutions with separate licenses. Data security is guaranteed, of course: user rights for designers, in which the rules and macros for automatic circuit diagram creation are defined, can be clearly defined via a new rights management function.

EPLAN provided a preview of the next expansion stage of its automation software at this year's Hannover Messe. EPLAN Cogineer Advanced extends functionality in the area of ​​interfaces and instantiation by separately licensing the two functional areas; Designer and project developer. Models created in Designer can only be edited in Designer by the user group, which can access it via a new rights management function. This fulfills a decisive aspect with regard to data security. Another interesting feature is the new business model. The upcoming version 2.8, which is expected to be available from late summer 2018, will be fully cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)

EPLAN Cogineer Advanced has an import interface based on the XML format. Complete configurations can be imported, including all their value sets. Theoretically, this means additional time savings and guaranteed quality by avoiding duplicate data storage and data collection.

Another feature in EPLAN Cogineer Advanced is the ability to instantiate typical elements. During a configuration process, users can dynamically choose which subfunctions or subcircuits they want to use in the structural properties of a project. The multiple use of both partial and full functions is also supported. The instantiation of these typical elements can also be controlled directly by importing upstream XML data

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Entering logical dependencies and formulas is greatly simplified in all versions of EPLAN Cogineer. A formula wizard ensures that logical conditions and formulas – that is, the entire object dependencies for a function or function group – can be entered. Depending on the type of configuration variables, only the permissible operands for the respective type are offered. At the same time, the Formula Assistant proposes all variable names available during input.

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