EXAIR introduces 3/8 "Super Air Wipe

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  EXAIR provides 3/8

22. June 2018 – EXAIR's 3/8 "Super Air Wipe creates a 360 ° airflow that can blow off, dry, clean or cool the passing material.The split design can handle continuously moving material such as wire, cable, tubing, tubing and extruded shapes

The 3/8 "Super Air Wipe emits a small amount of compressed air through a thin slot nozzle that feeds volumes of surrounding room air. The air flow is expelled uniformly from the 360 ​​° of its inner diameter. Clutch brackets that hold each half of the 3/8 "Super Air Wipe together can be locked or removed with each other.Additional shims can be installed when more blowing power is required.The airspeed can be varied with a pressure regulator, and instant on / off Air consumption is 11.1 SCFM at 80 PSIG and the sound pressure level is 82 dBA.

Super Air Wipes are CE compliant and are available from stock in 3/8 "diameter aluminum and stainless steel ( 13mm) to 4 "available, 102mm.) Large diameters up to 11" (279mm) are available from stock in aluminum. Applications include wiping wire; drying inks; Cooling hot extruded molds; and blowing off water, plating, coatings and dust.

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