FCI announces an enhanced version of the ST50 mass flowmeter series

  FCI Announces Advanced Version of ST50 Mass Flow Meter Series

24. May 2018 Fluid Components International (FCI) has announced an enhanced version of its ST50 mass flowmeter series to enable precision measurements Improve system efficiency

The installation of ST50 flowmeters in the process control circuits of industrial air blowers and dryer systems allows the monitoring of the hot air flow rate. The use of mass flow meters ensures flow rate measurement and summed flow measurement for zone control and overall system operating efficiency.

Based on FCI thermal dispersion mass flow sensing technology, ST50 flowmeters provide direct mass flow measurement. The ST50 meter does not require temperature sensors, flow computers, or other equipment required with orifices, venturis, vortex shedding, and other flowmeters. The ST50 design also provides built-in temperature compensation for measurements over a temperature range with virtually no pressure drop.

The ST50 flow meter measures air, compressed air or nitrogen from 0.75 to 400 SFPS (0.23 to 122 MPS) in line sizes from 2 to 24 inches (51 to 610 mm). Flowmeter accuracy is up to + 1% of the reading, + 0.5% of the full scale, with repeatability of + 0.5% of the reading. The meter operates at temperatures from -18 to 121 ° C (0 to 250 ° F). Turndown ratio is up to 100: 1

The flow range of the ST50 series can be configured on-site in either standard mass flow or volumetric units. With two analog outputs: two 4-20 mA outputs that can be assigned to flow rate or temperature, and one RS232C I / O port. A 0-500 Hz pulse output for summed flow is available as an option. All configurations are set by the user in the field with each standard laptop to the RS232C port and / or via the wireless IR connection / PDA.

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The ST50's stainless steel sensor element with Hastelloy C tips is designed for endurance in heavy duty installations, outdoor and field installation conditions. The electronics are housed in an epoxy-coated aluminum housing that is NEMA 4X (IP66) certified. The entire ST50 device has FM / CSA agency approvals for Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, and D; ATEX, GOST-R, CPA, Belgim (Belrus), CE Marketing, CRN and PED.

Two options for the process connection are available for the ST50 meter: 1/2-inch MNPT or 3/4-inch MNPT with stainless steel or Teflon ferrule. It is available in three on-site adjustable U-length probes: 1-6 in. (25-152 mm), 1-12 in. (25-305 mm) and 1-18 in. (25-457 mm) for pipe sizes of 2 up to 24 inches (51 to 610mm). The instrument power options include both DC (18-36 Vdc) and AC (85-265 Vac).

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