Festo announces the commitment of the Technology Engineering Center for Life Sciences

 Festo announces the commitment of the Technology Engineering Center for Life Sciences


  Festo Announces Dedication of the Technology Engineering Center for the Life Sciences

27. November 2018 - Festo, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, recently dedicated itself to the company's Technology Engineering Center (TEC) north of Boston. The TEC is the company's first engineering center in the United States dedicated to the life sciences.

The choice of the United States for this engineering center was based on this country's leadership in the global life science industry. The location of researchers and developers in the Greater Boston area was due to its proximity to regional research organizations such as MIT, Harvard and Brown, the confluence of laboratory equipment manufacturers and the pool of skilled technologists.

The goal of TEC Boston has two goals:

  • Pioneering the development of fluid handling products based on pneumatic principles
  • Work with individual customers on automated motion and fluid handling solutions that address their needs Bring laboratory equipment to the market.

The Festo team is developing a new approach to fluid delivery based on micropump technology, high-speed valves and pneumatic pressure.

The first goal for the new Festo products was the development of pneumatic products systems for filling 384-well plates within 15 seconds. Liquid volumes between 500 nanoliters and five microliters are processed. Current systems achieve a coefficient of variation (C V ), also known as relative standard deviation (RSD), in a variety of applications of less than two percent.

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