Fiber Optic Center announces FOC 10-4 campaign to support # 5MillionSteps

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  Fiber Optic Center announces FOC 10-4 campaign to support # 5MillionSteps

3. July 2018 – Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international distributor specializing in helping its customers manufacture cable assemblies, announces sponsorship of FOC 10-4 campaign to support # 5MillionSteps for Children Against Cancer.

Over the next few months, the FOC will report footsteps, mountains and four new states in England. The journey began with a young boy named Cole Stoddard, who continued with the devotion of his father Tony, and is now being led this summer by a group of people who support Tony during a time when he can not take physical steps. One person in this group is the son of Kelly Skelton, son of FOC's Strategic Marketing. Kelly has also been a marketing service provider for specific projects at FOC over the years and is considered part of the FOC family. The full blog article about Cole and Tony Stoddard can be found here:

With a goal of 5 million steps Between the Appalachian Trail and New England Mountain Hikes, a mission called # 5MillionSteps for Children Against Cancer plans to raise a dollar for each step and a total of $ 5 million to help fund promising cancer research initiatives.

In addition to being a sponsor, Kelly Skelton launches the FOC Steps 10-4 Campaign: Ten Mountains * Four States * A destination on July 4, 2018, with the first hike in Massachusetts, Mount Greylock. Mount Greylock is the highest natural point in Massachusetts at 1,063 meters. Its summit is in the northwestern corner of the state in the western part of the city of Adams in Berkshire County. The mountain is known for its sweeping views that span five states.

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Future hikes include Mount Mansfield in Vermont, Mount Marcy in New York, Mount Osceola in New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire presidential cross. Presidential Traverse sits in a series of peaks over 4,000 feet (1,200 m) above the Presidential Range of the New Hampshire White Mountains. The 23 miles (37 km), 9,000 feet (2,700 m) altitude gain includes Mount Madison, Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, and Mount Eisenhower.

Kelly walks may be followed over the next few months @ FiberOptic Center. For those who want to donate the # 5MillionSteps, visit WWW.SOPHIASFUND.ORG, where the Donate button is directly linked to PayPal.

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