Fluke Process Instruments announces the Infrared Pyrometer Thermalert 4.0

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  Fluke Process Instruments Announces Infrared Spot Pyrometer Thermalert 4.0

31. May 2018 – Fluke Process Instruments announces Thermalert 4.0, an infrared spot pyrometer for automatic, non-contact temperature measurement in harsh industrial environments. The Pyrometer Series is designed for use at temperatures from -40 ° C to 2,250 ° C and includes 13 models with different spectral responses, including special sensors for metals, glass, plastics, paper and food products

The Thermalert 4.0 is a smarter one integrated temperature sensor suitable for factory automation applications. The device offers a range of long and short focal length optics, and its ambient temperature range of -20 ° C to 85 ° C allows the setup of measuring points without additional cooling. [19659003] The Thermalert 4.0 IP65 / NEMA4 device uses real-time background temperature compensation and laser alignment, and its DataTemp multidrop system software supports remote configuration, monitoring, field calibration, and firmware updates. Plug-and-play operation makes installation and maintenance easier.

Two-wire loop, RS-485 and analog outputs are available to meet different user requirements. Galvanic isolation also ensures correct readings. Up to 32 devices can be connected as part of a RS485 network. More fieldbus options are planned for the future

A variety of options and accessories are available to customize the installation of Thermalert 4.0 sensors. Lens guards and venting collars provide protection in difficult conditions. Water and air cooled enclosures can be specified for operation at ambient temperatures up to 175 ° C. For difficult environments the ThermoJacket is recommended. This die-cast aluminum housing protects the sensor at ambient temperatures of up to 315 ° C.

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The Thermalert 4.0 is backwards compatible with older Raytek and Ircon sensors and can be equipped with Endurance, Thermalert TX, and XR connectors. Adapters are available for use with Modline 4 and Marathon MM devices.

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