G.M.I D5290S 10 A SIL 3 Relay

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G.M.I D5290S 10 A SIL 3 Relay
G.M.I D5290S 10 A SIL 3 Relay


G.M.I D5290S 10 A SIL 3 Relay Description

The single channel Relay Output, D5290S is a relay module suitable for the switching of safety related circuits, up to SIL 3 level according to IEC 61508:2010 Ed.2 for high risk industries.
It provides isolation between input channel and output contacts.

Three mutually exclusive (by DIP-Switch programming) monitoring circuits are provided:
1) line input monitoring, to allow DCS/PLC line monitoring function: when enabled, the module permits a wide compatibility towards different DCS/PLC. Driving line pulse testing, executed by DCS/PLC, is permitted by a dedicated internal circuit, to prevent relay and LED flickering.
2) low voltage input monitoring: when enabled, the module reflects a high impedance state to the control unit when the driving voltage is below the specified threshold.
3) short circuit fault detection: when enabled, it allows DCS/PLC to detect short circuit fault of module.

D5290S provides two NO contacts for normally energized load and a NC contact for service purpose, in order to switch the NE load on both supply lines.

Mounting on standard DIN-Rail or on customized Termination Boards, in Safe Area / Non Hazardous Location or in Zone 2 / Class I, Division 2 or Class I, Zone 2.

G.M.I D5290S 10 A SIL 3 Relay Features

• Systematic capability SIL 3
• Installation in Zone 2 / Division 2.
• 10 A SIL 3 contact for NE load and contact for service purpose.
• Line input monitoring in-field DIP Switch selectable.
• Driving input voltage monitoring.
• Input/Output isolation.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety system.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN-Rail and plug-in terminal blocks or customized Termination Boards.

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24 Vdc nom (21.6 to27.6 Vdc)



SIL level


Source: G.M.I co.

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