GE completes the Nigerian Manufacturing Capability Development Program

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  GE completes Nigerian Manufacturing Capability Development Program

3. July 2018 – GE has just completed a skills development program involving GE Lagos Garage and the Ondo State Information Technology Agency to Develop Entrepreneurial Capabilities Advanced Manufacturing and Business Development

The intensive one-week training program aimed to 25 Entrepreneurs from all over the state to impart valuable skills in modern manufacturing. The program, which was conducted by GE Garage engineers and instructors, was hosted at the Ondo State Information Technology Agency, Governor's Office, Alagbaka, Akure.

During the training, entrepreneurs were confronted with cutting-edge technology and experienced GE Digital Industrial's leadership in designing modern manufacturing. They also learned how such readily available technology can help them grow their business.

Attendees were trained on a temporary scaled version of GE Garage at the site, which included selected equipment such as 3D printers, CNC cutters, laser cutters and others. The course curriculum consisted of technical courses such as 3-D printing, CAD design, rapid prototyping development, subtractive basic production with CNC routers, and business development courses such as product branding and marketing.

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