GE Power Announces MXL2 Power Upgrade Solution with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

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  GE Power Announces Additive Power MXL2 Power Upgrade Solution

29. June 2018 – GE Power Announces Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP) – An Upgrade Solution for GE GT13E2 Gas Turbines That Uses Components Using Additive Technology

The MXL2 with AMP consists of two components designed by the teams GE's Additive Manufacturing Works (AMW) in Birr (Switzerland) and Greenville (South Carolina, USA): first stage turbine blades and heat shields. These parts are among the hottest components of the turbine, and the amount of cooling air they normally need affects the performance of the engine. Additive Printing enables GE to use advanced cooling concepts that reduce the amount of cooling air the parts require.

The MXL2 with AMP upgrade is a direct result of GE's commitment to additive manufacturing technology. Vattenfall started this technology in 2015 with the installation of four different 3D-printed components in the cogeneration plant Berlin-Mitte near the German capital Berlin.

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