Gowanda Components Group announces acquisition of HiSonic

  Gowanda Components Group announces acquisition of HiSonic

24. May 2018 – Gowanda Components Group announces that its range of passive magnetic RF and microwave components will be expanded in connection with the acquisition of HiSonic in Olathe, Kansas. The deal was not announced, but GCG has stated that HiSonic in Olathe, Kansas, will stay. In addition to Olathe, GCG has four more manufacturing facilities in the United States

This is the seventh acquisition for GCG in the last six years. The individual businesses that support the Gowanda Components Group are Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, Butler Winding, Communications Coil, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits, Instec Filters, and now HiSonic.

About Gowanda Components Group

Gowanda Components Group (GCG) is a US-based, vertically integrated manufacturer of electronic components that meets the needs of electronics developers. Specializations include magnetic devices, specialty filters and custom designs.

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