H2W Technologies introduces the voice coil drive TWR-015-346-2RC

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  H2W Technologies introduces voice coil drive TWR-015-346-2RC

26. June 2018 – H2W Technologies has developed a number of high-torque rotary voice coils, also known as limited-angle torque or LATs. Model TWR-015-346-2RC is designed to allow low moving mass (68 grams per spool) and inertia, as well as two independent coils that allow two independent motion profiles or couple the coils together to double the torque output. This rotary voice coil actuator can produce a continuous torque of 185 in-ounces [1.29 N-m] and a peak torque of 555 in-ounces [3.88 N-m] at a duty cycle of 10% (ie 1 second on and 9 seconds off) in each 4-inch [102 mm] Swivel arm. Coupling the coils together doubles the continuous torque to 370 in-ounces [2.58 N-m] with a peak torque of 1110 in-ounces [7.75 N-m] at a duty cycle of 10%.

The TWR-015-346-2RC has a total angular displacement of 15 degrees [0.26 radians] and an engine constant of 34.4 in-oz / sqrt (watts) [0.24 N-m/sqrt(watt)] per coil or, when coupled together the motor constant 48.5 in-oz / sqrt (watts) [0.34 N-m/sqrt(watt)]. The voice coil motor requires 1.33 amps of continuous current per coil and 4.0 amps peak current per coil to produce the specified forces. The actuator fits into an envelope of 4.37 in [111.1 mm] x 2.99 in [75.9 mm] x 1.64 in [41.5 mm].

The design of the moving spool ensures hysteresis-free movement as the spool is wet-wound and self-supporting. The non-commutated spool allows shaft-free movement and no gearing. The voice coil drive was constructed with fasteners in the magnet and coil assemblies. This allows the integration of a bearing system to maintain the distances between the coil and the permanent magnet field assemblies. The rotary voice coil actuator is ideal for applications requiring high torques and high-speed applications. Examples of such applications include controlling a gimbal axis in scan applications, as well as providing stabilization moments for image stabilization.

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